You are not a plant

I am still learning how to garden, and I want you to know, I’m really not there yet... My husband and I bought a house about two years ago. With it came a dry and neglected garden. The drought that summer, as well as the fact that the house stood empty for about six months,... Continue Reading →


The Granny Shrug

Granny Square Shrug Let’s talk about the latest craze in the crochet world – the Granny Shrug. Originally created by Maria Valles, her ‘recipe’ has since gone viral. I recently tried my own version, and made one for my sister – have a look: This was my first attempt, and I have to say, for... Continue Reading →

Grace in Everything

Gardening. Cooking. Creating. Loving my family. These are a few of the things that are close to my heart, and I love to share it with people. In most of these things, we need a lot of grace. Looking past some mistakes and making the best of it. My garden is not the best, but... Continue Reading →

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