Sunsets and Stars

This past weekend we went fishing. Well, some of us fished, and some of us napped.


On the banks of the Vaal River, you will find many professionals. These guys eat, sleep and drink fishing. They have the best gear, the best mixes and the best snacks. They know all the tricks of the trade.

Now imagine our group.

No idea what they’re doing.

Fishing rods borrowed or inherited.

A bait-mix they invented.

And plenty of jokes.


To our surprise, there wasn’t any real difference in the amount of fish caught. The fish were happy to be caught by professionals and amateurs alike.

The sunset over the river was spectacular. Sitting with a drink in hand, good company and surrounded by nature was a blessing, and a reminder that sometimes it is good to just sit next to the water and do nothing.


Sometimes you just need to go and try something for the fun of it. If you are willing to not take yourself too seriously, you might just learn something new.


The night sky was another highlight for me. The Milkyway was so bright that it illuminated the entire sky. We forget how amazing the stars are when we are constantly blinded by city lights. One of our friends brought along his amazing telescope and we were in awe seeing Jupiter, Saturn, and many stars through the lenses. The moon was a giant radiant ball of craters and crevices. I felt so happy knowing there is so much beauty in the universe.

Life can get hard and overwhelming. Knowing there is beauty and quiet to return to, gives us strength to keep on going.

Until the next time,




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