A blessing and a curse

Another long-weekend ahead. In South Africa, we are in “holiday mode” in April. We have three public holidays, including another on May 1st, and we just had another in March. Many people take extra days leave during this time and go on holiday. A lucky few take the whole of April off. You could say April is family time in our sunny country.

This weekend we will be going on a little fishing trip for a few days with our friends, and we are super excited. I will be posting about it soon and definitely share some pictures!

All these holidays and long weekends have made me think about how I spend my free time, and who I spend it with.

I could spend these ‘free’ days on my phone or in front of the TV. I am sure most of us knows how fast time goes when we go into these ‘technology-comas’ of ours. I have been realizing more and more how addicted I’ve become to it, and I have made it my mission to minimize it as much as possible going forward. I don’t check social media first thing in the morning anymore, and my phone is on my desk when I am at home. It’s not always easy, as our society has become so accustomed to the “answer-me-immediately” lifestyle. People immediately assume something is “wrong” if you do not answer them within seconds. People go into “low self-esteem mode” when they don’t have enough likes on a post. I’ve actually had friends become angry and frustrated with me when I don’t answer their texts immediately. (Non-urgent messages, I might add.)



Another trend we all know and love is “binge watching” series or shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love a series binge as much as the next person – but I can’t help but feel a type of sadness knowing that the sun came up, the day went past, and I missed every moment of it with my curtains closed and my eyes glued to a fictional program. I might have barely noticed my husband that day, and missed a chance to connect with him. I might have missed the chance to be present in a hundred different ways whilst living in another person’s imaginary world.

Technology is a blessing and a curse, I guess. I am most certainly thankful for the gifts it gives us, but we must make sure that it doesn’t become something that takes more than it gives. We must make sure that it keeps on serving us, and not the other way around.

In a world where two blue check marks next to a message, a thumbs up on a thought and countless notifications has become our norm, we must be sure we don’t look back on our lives and see only that. Because in the end, it is real connections with real people and real faces that will be there when your battery dies.

Lots of Love



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