Life lessons from four-legged friends

I can’t remember when I started loving dogs. But I do. My dogs are the most loyal companions around. They each have their own ‘personality’, the love to be loved and they are ALWAYS happy to see you.

One morning a friend of my mother-in-law was taking her dustbin outside for rubbish collection. When she heard whimpering and movement in one of the other bins close by, she went to investigate. Inside were two little mixed-breed black puppies. Someone had literally thrown two living creatures into a dustbin. The bins are tall and the pups would never have been able to get out themselves. Just the thought of it makes me sick. Anyway, one of those pups became mine. I named her Olive.


She is shy and easily-scared. She is now two years old and has only now started trusting people. When we have visitors at home, she slowly crawls closer. No sudden movements can be made. If you slowly move your hand closer, she’ll allow a pat on the head. Then a scratch. And then she’ll win you over completely. She has taught me a lot about compassion, patience with a wounded soul, and love. Although she is so shy and careful, she protects me fiercely and follows me around wherever I go in the house. She’s scared, but she’ll protect what’s hers regardless of her fear. She seems like a pushover, but she’s got a hidden strength in her that will surprise you.

Then, there’s Nicci. Or as well call her, Nicci-Noodle.


A little fox terrier-cross, in her mind, she is the biggest dog around. She prances around the garden like she owns the place, tells Olive what to do (then loves her afterward), and snarls and glares at the gardener. She has no limits. No bird is safe. She loves to dig, play and jump. She loves to cuddle and will definitely let you know when she is inconvenienced or hungry. She is so enthusiastic when I get home that she almost jumps over the wall. Every. Single. Day. It never gets old.

I can go on and on about my dogs. I learn so much from them. For some people, it might sound nuts. But if you love dogs, you’ll know what I mean.

unnamed (1)

They enrich our lives in so many ways, and all that they ask in return is love and affection.

Lots of Love,



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