Fresh air and wintery-walks

This weekend we took part in our local Parkrun, or as I call it, the Park(walk)…

The trail is 5 kilometers long, and twists and turns through the Rietvlei Zoo Farm.

Being in the outdoors, smelling the crisp fresh air and spending time with my mother and sisters was so much fun. People come with strollers, little children and dogs to get some exercise, and enjoy the vibe.


Mom has rarely joined us, but since my Father passed away in 2015, we have been encouraging her to join us on various trips and adventures.  She walked a bit slower than us, forcing us to slow down our pace and, I think, enjoy it more. We chatted, laughed and encouraged her along the way.

It just made me think again that sometimes, finishing well is more important than finishing fast. The process sometimes has more value than the result.

There must’ve been something in the fresh, ‘almost-winter’ air, but I also renewed my commitment to take care of my body, and enjoy it at the same time. Do more of what makes me happy, with people that understand me and ground me.


I am on a journey to rediscover my health and overall wellness, and I have come to realize that it is not a race. Over the next few months, I will be keeping you posted regarding my journey.

For now, I will commit to enjoying the process, loving myself and those around me and I think, I might just go on another wintery-walk.

Take care,



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