You are not a plant

I am still learning how to garden, and I want you to know, I’m really not there yet…

My husband and I bought a house about two years ago. With it came a dry and neglected garden. The drought that summer, as well as the fact that the house stood empty for about six months, were both contributing factors.

Needless to say, I was excited to exercise my green fingers!

Many plants and gardening mishaps later, I have ‘sort-of’ figured out which plant likes what, and what grows where. Very scientific, I know.

The plant below is called a Hibiscus plant. I first noticed this species in our neighbourhood when we went to search for a possible home to buy. So, I read up about the plant and got everything ready precisely the way I researched. I measured, carefully thought through the process, planned.


Just kidding – I stuck it in a pot and hoped for the best.

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t do so well.

I decided to really read up about the needs of the plant this time, and try again.

Grace by grace, it now has lush green leaves and has started to bloom after I moved it to a more appropriate area, that gets both sun and some afternoon shade.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am going to make some sort of “life analogy” about this process. Everything in life is connected, after all.

Where have I just carelessly planted myself before? Just stuck myself in there and hoped for the best?

The great things about humans, is that we’re not plants.

Stay with me…

We have a choice of what kind of ‘soil’ we surround ourselves with. We have a choice about the kind of ‘nutrients’ we feed our minds with. We have a choice regarding our position in the ‘sun’ or the ‘shade’. I guess sometimes you do get planted in certain situations that you perhaps didn’t choose for yourself. But, we can always move. We can always choose. We can always make the best of what life throws at us.

Luckily, we’re not plants.

For more on how to grow these wonderful plants have a look here:

Lots of Love,



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