Cold snaps and the blessings they bring

Winter. She has announced her arrival loud and clear here in Joburg. Compared to the rest of the world, we have a lovely temperate climate. We’re a sunshine-loving people. So when a cold front hits, it rains the entire weekend and the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius, we tend to mope. I decided to... Continue Reading →


Sunsets and Stars

This past weekend we went fishing. Well, some of us fished, and some of us napped. On the banks of the Vaal River, you will find many professionals. These guys eat, sleep and drink fishing. They have the best gear, the best mixes and the best snacks. They know all the tricks of the trade.... Continue Reading →

A blessing and a curse

Another long-weekend ahead. In South Africa, we are in “holiday mode” in April. We have three public holidays, including another on May 1st, and we just had another in March. Many people take extra days leave during this time and go on holiday. A lucky few take the whole of April off. You could say... Continue Reading →

Life lessons from four-legged friends

I can’t remember when I started loving dogs. But I do. My dogs are the most loyal companions around. They each have their own ‘personality’, the love to be loved and they are ALWAYS happy to see you. One morning a friend of my mother-in-law was taking her dustbin outside for rubbish collection. When she... Continue Reading →

Fresh air and wintery-walks

This weekend we took part in our local Parkrun, or as I call it, the Park(walk)... The trail is 5 kilometers long, and twists and turns through the Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Being in the outdoors, smelling the crisp fresh air and spending time with my mother and sisters was so much fun. People come with... Continue Reading →

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